Interfacing PIC16F84A with DHT22 sensor – CCS C

Interfacing PIC16F84A microcontroller with DHT22(AM2302 – RHT03) relative humidity and temperature sensor

This topic shows how to interface PIC16F84A microcontroller with DHT22 sensor with hardware circuit.
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The following topic shows PIC16F84A microcontroller and DHT22 Proteus simulation and some details about this sensor.
PIC16F84A + DHT22(AM2302, RHT03) sensor Proteus simulation

Interfacing PIC16F84A with DHT22 circuit:
The following image shows project circuit schematic.
PIC16F84A DHT22 AM2302 sensor interfacing circuit
The PIC16F84A needs 5V supply between VDD and VSS.

Interfacing PIC16F84A with DHT22 (AM2302-RHT03) humidity and temperature sensor CCS PIC C compiler code:
The interfacing code was tested with CCS C compiler version 5.051.
If you want to understand the code please read the DHT22 datasheet.
Variables Time_out and k are used to test reading time to avoid wrong data reception or microcontroller hanging.

Interfacing PIC16F84A with DHT22 sensor video: 
The following video shows hardware circuit of this project.

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