LCD interfacing with PIC16F84A using CCS PIC C compiler

PIC16F84A LCD example with CCS C
 PIC16F84A LCD example hardware circuit

It is easy to interface LCD displays with PIC16F84A microcontroller using CCS PIC C compiler since the compiler has its driver.
There are 7 data lines between the microcontroller and the LCD display which are: RS, R/W, E, D4, D5, D6 and D7. The following PIC16F84A LCD example shows how to connect the LCD screen with the microcontroller and how to display characters using CCS C compiler.

Interface PIC16F84A with LCD circuit:
The following circuit schematic shows the required connection between PIC16F84A microcontroller and the LCD display.
PIC16F84A LCD example circuit
The PIC16F84A microcontroller must be supplied with 5V between pins VDD (#14) and VSS (#5).

Interface PIC16F84A with LCD CCS C code:

Interface PIC16F84A with LCD video:

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  1. My in-blued library do not work when i burn code in MCU the MCU getting stuck but in Proteus simulation every think as well please help me .

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