Arduino and ST7735R TFT Proteus simulation

This post shows how to simulate the Arduino and the ST7735R (ST7735S) 1.8″ SPI TFT display.

To do this we need a Proteus version with the ST7735R library (model), new versions (for example 8.6 and higher) have this library, old versions (for example 8.2) don’t have it.

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The example below shows how to interface the Arduino with the ST7735 TFT display (hardware circuit).
Arduino ST7735 1.8″ TFT display example

Proteus Circuit:
Proteus circuit schematic diagram is shown below.

Arduino and ST7735R Proteus simulation circuit

Arduino Code:
To be able to compile the code below we need 2 libraries (Adafruit_ST7735 and Adafruit_GFX) from Adafruit industries, these libraries can be downloaded from the link below:

Place both libraries in the Arduino IDE libraries folder.
The Arduino code used in this example is below.

Arduino and ST7735R TFT Proteus simulation video:

Arduino UNO + ST7735R TFT Proteus simulation file download:
Proteus simulation download URL is below, use it with version 8.6 or later.


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