Remote controlled DC motor using PIC16F877A and CCS C

This topic shows how to use a IR remote control to control DC motor rotation direction and speed using PIC16F877A microcontroller and L293D motor driver IC. The remote control used in this project is a TV remote control which uses RC-5 communication protocol.

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The RC-5 has 14 bits per 1 code transmission, the 14 bits can be divided into 4 parts:
The first 2 bits are start bits and they are always logic 1.
The third bit called toggle bit, it can be logic 1 or logic 0.
The next 5 bits are address bits, each device type has its address number for example TV address number is 0, CD player address = 20 …………
And the last 6 bits are command bits, each button has its command number.

For the same device for example TV all the remote control buttons has the same address but each button has its command.
The toggle bit changes whenever a button is pressed.
The remote control used in this project is a TV remote control which has an address = 0.

In this project toggle bit is not used which means only address and command quantities are used. The following image shows the used buttons with the corresponding address and command numbers for each button.
TV RC-5 IR remote control button codes

Remote controlled DC motor using PIC16F877A microcontroller circuit: 
Project circuit schematic is shown below.
Remote controlled DC motor using PIC16F877A and RC-5 circuit
The PIC16F877A MCU needs to be supplied with 5V on pins VDD and VSS.
The IR receiver is used to receive the IR signals transmitted from the remote control and convert this signals to a digital data (logic 0 and logic 1). The microcontroller PIC16F877A reads digital data from the IR receiver. LED1 blinks when RC5 IR protocol is received.
LED2 indicates maximum speed.
LED3 and LED4 are used to indicate motor rotation direction, if LED3 is ON that means direction 1 has been chosen and the same thing for LED4. If both LEDs are OFF that means the motor has been stopped.
The nominal voltage of the motor is 12V as well as L293D VS input voltage. Always L293D VS voltage is the same as the DC motor voltage and L293D VSS voltage is +5V.
PIC16F877A CCP1 and CCP2 modules are used as PWM which allows us to control motor speed as well as direction of rotation. PWM frequency is 500Hz.

Remote controlled DC motor using PIC16F877A CCS C code:
PIC16F877A Timer2 is configured to generate a PWM frequency of 488Hz and the microcontroller runs with 8MHz crystal oscillator.

Remote controlled DC motor using PIC16F877A video:
The following video shows a hardware circuit of this project.

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