PIC16F877A UART example with CCS C compiler

PIC16F877A UART example with CCS C

This is a small example shows how to use PIC16F877A UART module using CCS PIC C compiler.
PIC16F877A UART connection circuit schematic:
Pin RC6 (TX) and pin RC7 (RX) are used for the UART (serial) communication between the microcontroller and the computer. To change between TTL logic levels (5V) and RS232 signals (+/-12V), an IC is needed which is max232.
Don’t connect TX and RX pins directly to an RS232 serial port which may damage your microcontroller.
CCS C compiler serial monitor can be used to communicate with the microcontroller.
PIC16F877A UART example circuit

PIC16F877A UART example CCS C code:
This is the full C code for this example.

PIC16F877A UART example video:

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